* NEW !!! (June 2000)
'Video Works'

  The video CD is something we will see more and more in the future, because sound editing on the computer is not very different from editing video. So why not put both on a CD? Well, besides from the fact that another discipline is involved, images tend to have a somewhat more direct meaning than sound. This becomes clear in the last clip with the title 'Deathdrome': dead embryos, dead people hanging from ropes, dead people cut up and so on. The music is not much more than a dronE (not a drome). The video has a hallucinating effect, but i am not sincerely interested in looking at dead people. So much for this track. The fourth track is totally different: abstract images (light bars and dots) accompany a microwave track (or is it the other way around?), that is structured well and is defenitely my favourite. The first three tracks are b/w videos, mainly of flowers and edited digitally. They seem more subdued than the last two. Conclusion: promising, but a risk of going over the top. (MR/Vital Weekly#216)

Mini - CDR

(Dec. 1999)
Using only ocean sound as sound material. 1.2.3. is each name of 3 tracks. 0 is sound material's.
All composed & designed by Fujui

On the disc we have three tracks, all based on ocean sounds. The fourth track is the raw material (which is almost an open invitation, of course). The first track is a composition of totally digitized material, with some noisy parts. A little too digitized, for my taste. The second track is more in the microwavy direction with different rythmical bleeps and some very nice crdony sounds. This is a pretty good piece. Track three seems to be the most ambient version, starting with a gentle drone and then introducing different bleeps. These are cut off and a soft rumble takes over, later covered with crackles and hisses. Another cut and high and mid sines form the third part of the track, later to be replaced by other crackles. Good filtering and a strong composition. This guy may hold a promise for the future..   (MR/Vital Weekly#216)

NA27: K 2
Edition I: Audio+Video CDR (Ltd.50)
Edition II: Audio CDR (Ltd.50)
(July 1999)
'Drug Delivery System'
Ching-Shen-Ching(Taiwan), CM Von Hausswolff(Sweden), Crawl Unit(USA), Hybryds(Belgium), Small Cruel Party(USA), Strafe FR(Germany), Syllyk (France)
Fronted by Fujui Wang and Anes Kuo, Noise/Taiwan has completed their long awaited debut CD: Killing Me Softly With Noise. After releasing over twenty-some cassette and video releases, Noise/Taiwan takes a step ahead of the usual Noisenet compilations and ventures toward their true passion for the more experimental work of world renown artists. Noise/Taiwan's past seven Noisenet releases have focused purely on exposing everything in the noise scene from Japanese noise, abusive UK noise, German, Swiss, to raw American underground. Artists like Telepherique, Daniel Menche, Macronympha, TAC, Con-Dom, Pain Jerk are just some of the many artists that can be found on the Noisenet compilations. However, almost all the "Noisenet" releases are very heavy and harsh. With Killing Me Softly With Noise, we see a much more academic side of noise with tracks by CM Von Hausswolff (Sweden), Strafe FR(Germany), Syllyk(France), Ching-Shen-Ching (Taiwan), Hybryds (Belgium), and two world famous US artists, Crawl Unit and Small Cruel Party. The compilation is organized well; the dense soundscapes are intelligent but remain honest... stripped away of ostentation, continuously intense and very real. After a lot of stress and work, Fujui and Anes' outstanding job on this compilation will most definitely earn them the recognition they deserve. Although Noise/Taiwan's main purpose is to discover sound work from all over the world to further expose this art form in Taiwan, it will also further expose art of sound and noise on a global level. (texture/OUTBURN #4)
CD (Ltd.500)
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'Nothing To Hear/Nothing To...'
NA03: Z.S.L.O.
CD (Ltd.400)
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* Self-published by Z.S.L.O.