"Cult A/V Alchemy"
by Anes KUO (Gwen Kuan-ying Kuo)
Publish: Tang-shan Bookstore
Size: 19 x 26 cm, 168 color pages, one VCD.

After devoted to 24-7 job in main-stream art world for 3 years, Anes (Gwen Kuan-ying Kuo’s pen-name) returned to her passion for experimental arts with this book published. The Cult A/V Alchemy assembles the essays that Anes wrote for Taiwan’s POTS newspaper during 1995-1997, observing noise/experimental sound performances in San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle, along with updated reportage of Taiwanese noise events offering a stage for local and international experimental sound groups from Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Including Artists and Events: NorCal Experimental Music Festival), EMRL, Crawl Unit, Stimbox, AMK, Big City Orchestra,Small Cruel Party, InBoil, Poo Poo Bomb, Allegory Chapel Ltd, The Haters,Daniel Menche, Trance, Blood Axis, Monte Cazazza,Nick Zedd, Jack Smith, Richard Kern, Mondo film, William S. Burroughs, The dreamachine of Brion Gysin, Aleister Crowley, Anton La Vey, Taipei Broken-Life Festival 1995, Ching-Shen-Ching, DINO, Z.S.L.O., L.T.K. Community, Club Chain Saw, Dribdax, Ouchi Apt. Fevers, Merzbow, C.C.C.C., K.K.Null, Hijokaidan, Violent Onsen Geisha, Killer Bug, Schimpfluch, Endoxan, Con-Dom, I.666

Contact: kkuo7@ucmerced.edu